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A Day on Shore

This morning Lee hit the books again.  He's studying hard for his Captains License.  It's grueling but he's determined.  Among other opportunities, this will allow us to charter Shangri-La for folks wishing to spend time aboard for a few days.   I decide to take advantage of our beautiful weather and do some staining.  The sun murders the teak finish and we need to keep up with it.  Around noonish we decide to quit and make better use of the weather by spending the afternoon exploring more of Key West.  All cleaned up, dressed up and in the dink with four empty 5 gallon water jugs to fill on shore and a bag of garbage to toss.  Off we go to the city's dinghy dock a mile away.   We are now about 400 feet from Shangri-La and an unforeseen dark cloud bursts open dumping monsoon-like rain on us as we continue our 4mph ride to shore.  There goes the hair, makeup and freshly ironed sun dress.  It doesn't bother us and we're both chuckling.    Needless to say, by t

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